FAQ for XPPen Tablets connecting Android Phones and Tablets

Modèle concerné:Star G640S,Deco Pro S/M,Deco 01 V2,Star G960S,Star G960S Plus,Deco mini7,Deco mini4,Deco mini7W,Deco Fun,Deco Pro SW/MW,Deco LW

The following XP-PEN graphics tablets support connections with Android phones and tablets:

XP-PEN Star G640S

XP-PEN Star G960S & Star G960S Plus

XP-PEN Deco 01 V2

XP-PEN Deco Pro Series

XP-PEN Deco mini4 & Deco mini7 & Deco mini7W

XP-PEN Deco Fun

Before connecting the XP-PEN tablet to your Android phone or tablet, please make sure your Android phone or tablet supports OTG and Android 6.0.

1. With the tablet connected to your Android phone or tablet, please make sure it works in vertical screen mode.
If there is any problem with your Android device connecting to the XP-PEN product (such as the stylus and cursor appearing in different locations), please contact us to help solve your problem.

2. Not all Android devices can support the XP-PEN tablet. Currently, the following Android Phones/Tablets cannot work properly with our tablets:
Nexus 6 /Google
Galaxy S6 /Samsung
Galaxy S7 edge /Samsung
Galaxy S7 /Samsung
Galaxy Tab S2 /Samsung
Galaxy S8 /Samsung
Galaxy Note 4 / Samsung USB micro-B
Galaxy Note 8 / Samsung USB Type-C
Galaxy Note 9 / Samsung USB Type-C
Xperia Z4

Samsung J7 Pro

Vivo y81i

3. When the battery of your Android phone or tablet is running low, your tablet may not work properly. Please ensure your Android device has enough power to run normally.

4. When your Android phone or tablet enters standby mode, you cannot use the pen to control the cursor to wake it up. To restore functionality, please unplug and then re-plug the USB cable.

Please feel free to contact XP-PEN customer service if you have any concerns and we will do our best to resolve any trouble you experience.

The XP-PEN Team

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